MEGA sponge for manicure 240 grit / MEGA sponge for pedicure 180 grit

Two-in-one double-sided file « MEGA sponge for manicure and pedicure» Japure, 180/240

  • The high-grade Japanese grit performance will leave a much smoother edge. Can be used on cuticle and sidewalls.
  • 240 grit side is perfect for weak or brittle nails.
  • 180 grit side is perfect for strong and thick nails.
  • Prevent natural nails from splitting.
  • Strong and flexible plastic core to reduce breaking.
  • Effortless to use. Less pressure better result.
  • Made with Japanese emery powder and all Japanese chemicals.
  • A special dustproof treatment reduce excess dust for long lasting and high-grade filing.
  • Multiple use available.
  • Desinfection without soaking.
  • 240 grit and 180 grit



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  • RUB: 180.00 руб.

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