File parade JAPURE/A trio of professional files in zip-lock pouch.

File parade. A trio of professional files for perfect mani/pedi routine! 


  • Two-in-one double-sided file «TOP file for manicure and pedicure» Japure, 240/180 grit
  • Two-in-one double-sided file « MEGA sponge for manicure and pedicure» Japure, 180/240 grit
  • Two-in-one double-sided board «Cashmere & Silk+ MAGIC shiner» Japure, 400/3000 grit
  • Pink pouch with heart shaped bubbles and zip-lock. Size 210mm x 160mm x 5 mm




690.00 руб.

  • USD: 7.37 $

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Amount in a package:
В упаковке 3 комбинированные пилки
Colour: Pink